Back From Bali!

HI guys!

As you know I am back from Bali! I have one word to describe the trip : Totally, completely, AWESOME! OK that was more like 3 words but you get my point. We had loads of fun! DSC_0523  Raft Building : Totally cool!  I was in a group with Hugo, Andrej, Jung min and Natasha. Thanks guys for being an amazing team!

2015-04-20 19.00.01-726583  Arrival at Denpasar Airport : That air port is amazing! I would like to thank my travel group ; Maya, Jonson, Xavier, Kristian, Tanya, Jihoo and Mr. William

IMG_20150421_090524 Getting ready for an activity : All of the activities were awesome!

2015-04-21 15.49.09-779262 Creating puppets: Thank you Andreas, Tanya, Rina, Jonson and tanya for helping make this play possible.

20150420_204531-744007 Arriving at Green Camp : We were all tired and ready to go to bed. MY cabin mates ( Natasha, Piper and Atrin ) and I were more than excited to find out that we were in a cabin together! Thanks girls for making this trip the best trip ever! IMG_20150421_193517Journal Time : From front left corner ; Anna Trinh, Bella Fraser – Shaw , Atrin Abdollahi, Me, Natasha Papasolomontos and Piper Maclean.

unnamed At school ready to get on the buses! From left to right ; Lexi Roberts, Anna Trinh, Natasha Papasolomontos, Bella Fraser – Shaw and Me!IMG_20150422_191041 Campfire! From Back left ; Anna, Bella, Piper, Natasha, Me, Atrin, Ziyi and Rory.

 DSC_0539  Mud fighting! So cool! I fought with Lexi  (good job, you are a great fighter!) The mud was a bit gross but we all had a great time!

unnamed-4 Leaving School: there were a few tears but we were all excited to be independent and have a great time with friends!

I would like to personally like to thank all of the Green Camp Staff for making this trip awesome! I would also like to thank all of out teachers and parents for making this whole entire trip possible. And las but definitely not least I would like to thank all of my friends for making this trip so much fun! Thanks everybody!

Blog to you later!

– Hannah



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