This is my (drumroll please)  first ever post on my first ever blog! I have gotten this wonderful idea from the book called ‘Sew Zoey; Ready to wear’ by ‘Chloe Taylor’. I love that book! The first thing I will show you that I created is an earring pouch. I made it for one of my friends, Atrin, for her birthday. I hope you like it! To every one who is out there (including my friends, hi girls!) and to all you other people out there (hi to you too!) Blog to you later! Photo on 10-4-15 at 7.14 pm

Photo on 10-4-15 at 4.59 pm


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  1. Hi everybody! I will make tutorials later on how to make every thing that I made! If you want inspiration I would definitely go onto Crazy Little Projects and It’s Always Autumn. I used those for figuring out what to make next. What ever I make I will give you information on where I got the the ideas from. Thanks! Blog to you later!



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